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Who We Are

The ambitious, the overachievers and the followers. These are the clients we are working for. They’re all very different and extremely challenging. And we love to support them in projects and become their trusted sparring partner over the long term.


We’ve helped more than 300 corporate clients in more than 40 countries carry out more than 5,000 successful What’s Next projects as architects and construction managers. Our expertise lies in the areas of strategy, corporate development, technology, business set-up and execution.

Corporate Finance

A total transaction volume of more than USD 7 billion, 500 due diligences, 300 M&A deals and 16 IPOs give you an idea of our corporate finance business. Our M&A business originates mainly from the portfolios of the corporate and private equity clients we serve with our full-service DNA. It includes everything from special situations to trade sales on the buy and sell side and IPOs up to USD 1 billion so far.


Over the years we have invested our skills (“Skill for Equity”) and some money (our own and our clients’) into more than a 100 promising companies. These minorities range from startups to listed conglomerates. We also set up specialized teams for the specific requirements in Europe and China. Our smallest engagements are around USD 50k and our biggest to date peaked at USD 15 million.

Corporate Social Responsibility

RESET – Digital for Good

RESET appeals to individuals, companies, and organisations that are committed to environmental protection and global justice,employing and focusing on TIMES principles (Telecommunications, IT, Media, E-Commerce, Service Provider) to deliver its message and promote action.

It aims to use innovative technologies to develop new solutions that turn knowledge about sustainable development into effective action, thus making a sustainable future possible.

From knowledge to action with

Corporate Social Responsibility

Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben

Classical music is something very special. From chamber music to an oratorio, from a sonata to a beautiful symphony – music enrichens our lives in a very essential way.

That’s why DSM supports our highly skilled offspring in the long term. They are doing this for more than 40 years now and they support their stipendiaries and awardees individually regarding to age and situation. DSM helps our musicians with long-term studentships or financial support. They are also organizing concerts or tours in Germany, Europe or America to give them stage experience. And DSM even provides instruments for the best of their students.

Compared to other supporting charities which have a capital based program, the Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben has to attract funding for their program yearly. That’s why they depend on donations.

Support the program on