You’re an individual freelancer or specialized service provider in the digital market space and you’re looking to cooperate with Skillnet. That’s great! As the name we chose back in 1995 already indicates, we strongly believe in networking. It’s in our DNA and we’re open to two different ways of collaboration:

“Skillnet Affairs” (informal cooperation): This is a knowledge-driven, on-demand economy, so Skillnet’s teams often comprise external specialists led by a Skillnet partner. We believe in staffing the clients’ teams with the best members required and, if these are freelancers or specialized cooperation partners, we bring them in from our Skillnet Affairs network. It’s a vast network we’ve been nurturing for more than 20 years and consists of specialists we know personally and very well and with whom we work on a project basis.

“Skillnet Onboarding” (becoming a part of Skillnet): If you like our approach and want to become an integral part of the Skillnet team, we offer a dedicated onboarding process. Due to our expanding business, we are currently still open to strengthening our consulting and corporate finance businesses in Europe, India and the US.

Our ideal candidates have held management positions at a top consultancy or financial advisory with an adequate track record and now want to become an entrepreneurial partner at Skillnet. You already have your own clients and reliable network but you want to work in a highly capable team. Come up with a cool pitch and present yourself. We’re listening.

As a dedicated team with country expertise or a functional specialization we’re strategically interested in, you might envision that our heritage, domain know-how, large client base and other assets can leverage the network effect of a joint business. We’re open to feasibility checks for your cases as long as they add value to our current offering.

Over the years, we’ve been very successful in setting up new adjacent businesses with entrepreneurial teams and growing them over the years as Skillnet Shanghai and the Next Media Accelerator can testify.



For startups that already have a viable product in place and are generating their first revenues, we offer equity tickets of approx. USD 50 thousand along with our Skill for Equity. New Times Ventures is focused on investments across Europe. We get involved in approx. 20 startups per year.

When startups have successfully delivered their proof of concept, we cover A and B financing rounds ranging from USD 500 thousand to USD 3 million with New Times Ventures or in cooperation with more than 200 personally known, early-stage investors from our network.


We positioned in the early investment in TMT industry (Telecom & Value-added service, Media (Internet & Mobile Internet), IT, E-commerce, Modern service) in China. Hardworking, Realistic, Independent thinking, Passionate and Sharing are our key values and attitudes on our daily professional work.

Every year there are more than 150 companies that get in contact with us. Our network further comprises of more than 100 US dollar and RMB funds. With an in-depth understanding of the Chinese entrepreneurs, EasyCapital helps startups take off and realize their dreams.

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