Bodo Kraeter

Founder and Managing Partner Skillnet

What’s my most powerful trigger? Strategy. That passion developed when I was very young and discovered chess. Fourteen years of playing the ‘game of kings’ in a club, to the delight of my parents, did not end in a professional player’s career. Instead, it evolved into the DNA of my business future. I became an advisor, deal maker and investor. Following upon my early path, complex, strategic What's Next challenges replaced the game. After graduating and four years of practice at a renowned American advisory firm, aged 27 in 1995, I founded Skillnet, a strategic advisor to the early internet and mobile communications industry.

From day one, my focus has lain on the evolution of digitization, and in supporting the strategic development of some of the most important global players in the field, whether that be by developing new business models, conducting due diligences, or M&A deal making on the buy or sell side.

Leveraging my experience for our clients and for Skillnet, we founded a number of subsidiaries and became an investor in funds and select direct investments. Whenever you as a corporate or financial institution have a tough What’s Next challenge in the digital markets, just give me a call.