Thomas Pabst

Partner Skillnet

Technology is my nature. That doesn’t mean the gadgets; it means the infrastructure and developments that move our world. I’m fascinated by the way it changes our society, our economy, our daily life, and our set of values.

Can we do it? Does it make sense to do it? How then shall we do it?

I was a precocious child, fixing stuff in elementary school other people wouldn’t dare to touch no matter their age. It gave my life direction. I started my career as an apprentice in programming and mathematics, before studying computer science. I then spent a good decade in different industries, introducing new technologies like CAD/CAM to automotive, IVR to call centers, digital TV to pay TV stations, DWH to telecoms, internet business to banks and retailers.

My passion for the digital universe led to a partnership at Skillnet in 2001. We help clients to build their businesses on sound technology decisions for investment, strategy, concept, and roll-out.

I have more than 200 due diligences under my belt . We handle projects from desktop opinions to technology budgets in the USD 100 million range. We support your ongoing digital transformation and technology in any manner (except maybe broken printers).