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Skillnet raises A round financing for leading Chinese restaurant supply chain finance company

German Investor with focus on growth capital selects Skillnet for the due diligence of a fast growing IT services provider

Leading international investment company assigns Skillnet a due diligence of a European IT-Service Provider

Skillnet raises financing for the Asian branch of American network communication company

Skillnet supports capital raising for Chinese E-Commerce online shop in food (“snacks”) industry

Chinese disruptive robotic technology receives new funding with the support of Skillnet

Skillnet appointed to set up 3rd Accelerator in a row. This time it's about "LogTech and IoT"

Leading German News Publisher heads for What’s Next in Data Driven Publishing with Skillnet Support

European Advertising Player assigns Skillnet with Due Diligence of AdTech-Platform

Skillnet supports private equity player with Due Diligence of international classifieds portal

Skillnet supports German private equity fund with a due diligence of a leading international CMS player

Chinese online B2B consumer curated food company raised capital with support of Skillnet

French SaaS-Provider selects Skillnet for Sell Side mandate

Consortium of Banks assigns Skillnet with What's Next Project and Set up for Next Gen Accelerator

Global Telco assigns Skillnet with alignment and reset of a central performance management system

Leading European accelerator for media related business models assigns Skillnet with capital raise for second fund

Swiss Multi Family Office assigns Skillnet with due Diligence of embedded system and computer on module manufacturer

European VCs assign Skillnet for the sale of French SaaS-Provider in indoor navigation space

German Mid Cap PE selects Skillnet for Due Diligence Advisory Services of HW-manufacturer

German Mid Cap PE assigns Skillnet with Due Diligence of Internet Agency