Skillnet is always on the lookout for new colleagues, from analysts to partners. We’re an attractive employer with plenty to offer seasoned professionals who love the potential of digital transformation and who are able to leverage their talent into beneficial solutions and successful business models for our clients. We have more than 400 clients, so there’s no shortage of business potential; the only limit is the one we place on ourselves, because we’re quite picky about who should join our team.

We offer attractive projects, international clients, inspiring colleagues and extraordinary teamwork. Our typical What’s Next approach paves the way for exciting challenges that demand creative solutions. We nonetheless base our decisions on facts and figures and our clients’ business case is always at the forefront of our thoughts and actions.

Skillnet applicants should be the best of their class in the established consulting, auditing and investment firms, where they’ve quickly climbed the career ladder but now feel unchallenged and that further opportunities are limited. They value small, powerful teams of experts and a big family approach. They also have 3 to 15 years of consulting experience.

If you’re an entrepreneurial-minded manager, we’ll be happy to offer you rapid advancement opportunities to become a partner. Even part-time working models are a regular arrangement at Skillnet.