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Due Diligence

Since 1999, Skillnet has performed more than 350 due diligences for organizations that are considering strategic partnerships, investments, mergers, and acquisitions or that are looking to enhance effectiveness in an existing business unit or portfolio company. We generate valuable due diligence reports and analyses that become an integral component of our clients´ decision-making and negotiation processes.

As the premier TIMES-only consulting firm, we enhance client business decisions by combining a thorough understanding of market mechanisms, corporate strategy, technologies and finance with an ability to summarize complex issues into concise, easily understood terms. Due diligence services range from initial validation of targets to detailed on-site due diligence visits to the preparation of complete integration plans.

Our services include the following steps:

  • Detailed analysis of market potential and competition by Skillnet's market intelligence group,
  • Systematic analysis of strengths and weaknesses as well as risk assessment,
  • Assessment of company strategies and management team qualifications,
  • Detailed valuation of business and financial plans,
  • Technical Due Diligence by specialized Skillnet's technolog advisory group and
  • Documentation and presentation of recommendations.

Projects are customized based on individual client needs. Strict confidentiality is maintained for all engagements.

M&A, Peer Group, Benchmarking, Venture Capital, Valuation, Best Practice, Target Screening, Due Diligence, Private Equity, Capital Increase, Sell Side, Negotiation Management, Buy Side

Skillnet is 'Official Due Diligence Partner of 3i' and 'Listing Partner Deutsche Börse'.

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