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19th of November, 2015
New Website under Construction. Stay tuned!
22nd of October, 2015
Congratulations! Chinese Mobile Advertising and E-Commerce Company closed financing round with support of Skillnet
24th of August, 2015
Congratulations! Chinese B2B E-Commerce Service Provider gets funding with support of Skillnet

15 years Skillnet - see more pictures of our birthday bash 2010!

Selected Skillnet Clients

Deutsche Bank, E-Plus, IBM, InterSystems, Otto, Publicis, SAP, Sky, T-Mobile, Telekom Austria, Versatel, VW


Professional Development

Skillnet offers a great opportunity for professionals to accelerate their careers and contributions to their lifework in an enjoyable and inspirational working environment. We value long-term relationships with the individual team and leadership members. The "big family" approach ensures great vibes while contributing at Skillnet.

Leadership Development

Skillnet's leadership development values an individual approach to address

  • Talent,
  • Need,
  • Passion, and
  • Conscience

in order to respect and take account of the personality and uniqueness of every team member.

We pursue a culture not only challenging the mental but also stimulating the emotional/social, physical as well as spiritual intelligences and capacities to make a lasting contribution and personal significance using our "hard-wired" qualities freedom and power to choose.

Skillnet - Customers' Hidden Champion discovered

Skillnet achieved a TOP 4 position in the renowned survey "Hidden Champions 2012". The survey was conducted by Prof. Dietmar Fink for the fourth time and was published as an excerpt in the German business magazine CAPITAL. 481 board members, managing directors and managers from major German enterprises, top-level management, were asked about consultancies with highest expertise in the telecom and media industries.

"Skillnet unfortunately, was not initially recommended as a potential Hidden Champion by our experts. However, in our last main survey, we came across so many satisfied customers regarding your consulting services, that you made it into the Top 5 in our TMT-ranking - this never happened before", wrote Bianka Knoblach, Director of Studies at the Academic Society for Management Consulting (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung mbH, WGMB).

"In particular, Skillnet's classification compared to the well-known second and third ranked blue chip companies McKinsey (+6%) and Boston Consulting (+2%), and distinctively ahead of the fifth ranked Roland Berger, shows that not the quantity, but the quality matters", commented Bodo Kräter, Founder and Managing Partner of Skillnet. "Our international 'What's Next?'-DNA, paired with customer-specific consulting and corporate finance services for TIMES companies and financial investors, allows the joint creation of excellent solutions that are tailored to our customers."

... ... ...
3. Boston Consulting Group 373
4. Skillnet 367
5. Roland Berger 323
... .... ...

The study defines industry expertise as a "deep understanding of structures, business models, products, processes, markets and stakeholders, as well as the culture".

"Skillnet's mixture of international consultants with commercial and technical expertise, as well as the exclusive TIMES specialisation since 1995 are decisive for our success", commented Thomas Pabst, Partner and in charge of the consulting business at Skillnet.

"For the future, we will assure our focussed development and therefore we continue to look for new, remarkable talents. And of course, we are curious about the performance of the next study in 2015, where Skillnet will be named from the beginning and our proficiency will be surveyed specifically."

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